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Hi, Dear AbanteCart Team i have installed AbanteCart to my store site link aprox one month ago and my customization almost complete. I found AbanteCart best then others but i am very disappointed deue less writing tools available in Description writing window. like Font style, font size, insert image, insert video,  i can add images and videos in add media option but some time we need to add small images to our posts. i know we can do all with html but every user not know html like me. check i have attached two pics with this post one from AbanteCart forum and second from AbanteCart store.

Part two
please add ability to make a custom description page to select for different products. for example i want to add mobile phone for sale so i select mobile phone specification from drop down. if i need to add mobile phone charger i select fixed page for charger description from drop down. So only add ability for custom description. user will add there needed data in description forms.

phone Brand: xxxxxxxxx
phone Model: xxxxxxxxx
Battery:  3200 mAh
Memory: 32 GB
SD Card: Available

so we will have 70% data already in side our description page.

Thanks in advance.

Support / column left in layout not appear
« on: March 16, 2016, 05:09:13 PM »
Hi dear support team i have problem column left  in layout setting not working i added categories widget and turn it on but not appearing. i also have problem with template not looking good when i brows site in small screen resulation also on mobile. site link is

Thanks in advance.

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