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Extension Support / Heavy items, what shipping mode to choose?
« on: January 10, 2017, 07:01:40 PM »

I would like to know which shipping extension to choose and how to configure it for a specific problem:

One item in my store is a really big box and weight 50lb. I want this item to be shipped alone (with only one shipping option) or picked up at the store.

Should I choose the "Flat rate", "Per weight" or "Per item"?


Tips and Tricks / How to use a test site?
« on: January 10, 2017, 11:37:20 AM »
Hi guyz!

I was wondering, since I want to upgrade the core system files, what is the best way to create a test site?

I created a live site and I am working with only that. I make backups every day I edit something, and I also backup the files from the "import-export" section, just in case.

I tried to simply create a subdomain names "" and clone my site on it. At first, it worked, but as soon as I installed the update, I got an error message (Not acceptable 406 + index.php). I asked my hosting provider to disable the mod_security yesterday and it works for my main site, but not for the sub-site for testing. I am asking them now to check that.

So, that being said, once the test site is installed, how do you use it?
You make all your changes in the test site, then clone it to the live site? Or backup the files and export them on the live site with the import-export menu? Or do you use fpt for that?

Does the testing site has to be ssl?

I just want to be sure to use AbanteCart at its best and to have a great website for my customers... I have spent countless hours working on my first site, just to lose it all in a hosting failure and without backups, I want to be sure that never happens again!

Thanks for the infos!!

Support / Warning message + Error 406
« on: January 09, 2017, 11:01:28 AM »

I always get a warning when trying to edit 2 language definition words... see screenshot, they're the ones in yellow. They are the only files I can't translate. Everything else is working great.

As I read in the forum about it, I asked my hosting provider to disable the "mod_security" from my site... They told me it has been disabled this morning... And it did not work!

What can I do?

Support / Top cart, cart page and shipping issues
« on: January 08, 2017, 12:27:16 PM »
Hey there!

I just stumble upon some new problems...

The top cart (little cart over the menu bar) has me thinking:

- it shows the total of the cart WITH taxes and shipping. Is it possible to make it show only the sub-total without taxes and shipping?

- The quantity of the item in the cart is too close to the price of the item, so when you add it to the cart, it shows like the price is "X 12,99" instead of "X 1  2,99". How can I change that?

Also, in the cart page, the cart listing is not properly aligned, I would like it to have all the text and images centered in the table. I looked for it in css files but could not find the good one...

Finally, the shipping option "store pickup" keeps on being shown in cart. I want my customers to select a shipping option... So is there a way to simply show "Select a shipping option" instead of it?

Thanks a lot!

Support / Trouble with translations for shipping
« on: January 07, 2017, 06:06:41 PM »
Hi guys!
I find myself with quite a problem today...
I successfully translated manually ALL files from the language definitions, but I now have trouble with the shipping options. Everything is appearing as it should on my Admin, but not on storefront.

As you can see on the screenshots I took, in English, the shipping modes names are all ok. In French, they are not.

I reviews all the language descriptions related to that, all is translated. I can change the names in English but not in French.

I tried to copy missing definitions from English, still nothing (no file change and still won't work).

Nothing in my error log, and 6 messages (Language definition "" is missing for "") are still there. When I check for those language definitions in English, their French version is active.

Something I overlooked?

My shipping options are : "Free Shipping", "Pickup From Store" and "Canada Post", and all 3 have the same issue.

Thank you for you help!

Customization help / Order Statuses translations
« on: December 21, 2016, 11:18:47 AM »
Hi there!
I just want to know if the "Order Status Text ID" for a new Order Status (in french, for example) has to be the same as it's english version or has to be a different ID?

For example:

Order status (english) = Canceled
Order Status Text ID = canceled

Order Status (french) = Annulée
Order Status Text ID = ??? canceled OR annulee

Thanks very much!

Extension Support / Solved --- Translation problem
« on: December 20, 2016, 04:34:56 PM »
I am trying to make my shop bilingual, english and french.
The existing extension for french is obsolete, incomplete. I decided to copy the language files from english to french, make a new language that way. I used Winmerge to compare each file one by one, line by line.

The problem is that I still have lots of missing text in french (language definitions detected), and I still get english text where I translated it. I did not use the "automatic translation". It just keeps on staying in english (especially in the top header menu).

What did I miss and how can I get the header to be in french too?

Thanks a lot...

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