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i see, indicating actual in-stock amounts for each *** order item is really a good idea, indeed.

AFAIK, the 'stock' parameter is just a setting which controls whether it should subtract the values from 'quantity' (which is the actual stock) on order placement, so you were right moving on to trying out the 'quantity'. The 'quantity' key shows that funny input box as its formatting comes from another file -- ./storefront/controller/pages/checkout/cart.php :

Code: [Select]
$products[] = array(
'quantity' => $form->getFieldHtml( array( 'type' => 'input'
'stock'    => $result['stock']

I guess you could override the formatting by specifying the integer type exactly:
<?php echo (int)$product['quantity'] ?>

But would it show actual values of your product quantity in stock correctly within that context, and for your abantecart version? 
I am not sure about it  :-\

nice hack  --  it duplicates the stock message (exact quantity / out of stock / in-stock   -  the one normally shown among product details down the page)   additionally to the top:  just under the price tag  before the amounts to order.

i think the file to edit was actually ./storefront/view/default_html5/template/pages/product/product.tpl   (if html5 template was/is used ,  the one mentioned was for the default html template)

personally, i prefer to add/edit the *** text explanation (the one shown in bold red when you order more than the stock),  using the   System > Localisation > Language Definitions   ("error_stock"  key for the "checkout_cart" block) ,  just search by ***  in the text field there
(you can even use html hypertext syntax there, add your phone number, etc)

that we can put a negative number into the quantity box is a funny fact  :D  but it doesn't hurt anything cause it gets transformed correctly into a positive in the next ordering screen alright...

To abantecart team:
IMO- Ideally, if *** situation occurs,   the (checkout/cart) order screen could be made to show actual product availability somewhere, maybe in the *** error_stock message itself,  or default the ordered quantity number to the number in stock and explain (if you don't use the pre-orders),  or have some other convenient way to correct ordered amounts without having to go back to the product description page....  Because currently, all you can do is to enter new quantity number BY GUESS and press the 'Refresh' -- you may not know the number in stock without leaving that page (or opening extra tab) and checking the product details again...   The need for the Refresh button itself in the rt=checkout/cart screen always felt like an overly complex idea, at least for me :)

Templates / Re: default_html5 theme full desktop view on mobile devices
« on: January 20, 2015, 07:53:09 AM »
New feature submitted:,3192.0.html
Hope it helps

New Features Discussion / A button switch to the desktop version
« on: January 20, 2015, 07:51:52 AM »
Just an idea for you to consider: a button called something like "Desktop version" that shows up for the users who accessed the website from a mobile device (AFAIK, cart is already capable to detect this) and allows them to switch to the full (Desktop) view of the cart (and back) by pressing it on demand. It could come in handy for some mobile users with very large screens who prefer desktop version (while cart redirects them to the mobile).  It was a concern for Gnel here:,1859.0.html

Templates / Re: default_html5 theme full desktop view on mobile devices
« on: January 20, 2015, 07:40:24 AM »
About 30% of my site visitors are on international android mobile devices having large screens where standard full desktop view is absolutely desired.

Gnel, sorry, but whatever large screens their androids may have, most of them still are not tablets(?), and IMHO, the smart-phone visitors (including the spacious Galaxy), even the small-sized tablet users, mostly appreciate the mobile site version -- no matter how poor it may look for us, on our desktops\laptops -- because for them it's all about the actual usability (search, entering information, etc) in the mobile environment, not about how pretty the home page looks...

Current mobile view that is automatically switched is not suitable for my project

AFAIK the current mobile view in the AC is actually an "Adaptive" type of design: what it mainly does, it automatically resizes images and layout while keeping overall style. Yeah, adaptive design is embedded in code and, by definition, has never been perfect for any website which we may turn to on Internet (compared to individual custom design, shipped and maintained in a separate code).  Nevertheless, IMHO the current adaptive design is still so much better than the full(desktop) version to work with on the smaller-screened mobile devices (not tablets), since not everyone out there with the Android OS have their screens big enough to comfortably browse the desktop version, so it's a good compromise for many owners of the cart (which, by the way, is free).

I do agree, however: there's a lot of room for improvement here (like some functionality might be added/dropped to improve look and feel for the mobile users, not just doing resizing), and hope it will be improved from version to version, provided the cart owners themselves frequently use mobile devices for testing and regularly provide their feedback on how to improve the mobile version exactly, in corresponding topics - the "New Features Suggestion" or  "Mobile Ecommerce" topics.  If there is no specific feature or feedback with steps, then there is no improvement in the Adaptive Mobile Design.  One idea for a possible feature request that you may like to submit on the forum, could be a button "Switch to the Desktop version" that shows up somewhere for the users who access the website from a mobile device and allows them to switch to the full (Desktop) view (and back) by pressing it on demand.

Mobile Ecommerce / Re: Mobile will conqour this year!
« on: January 20, 2015, 06:41:45 AM »
Let me express some skepticism here:  from own Abantecart website experience, this didn't happen, and the mobile search share is still just a drop in a bucket of desktop searches... Of course, the size of this drop depends on your website (or product) specifics, but independent sources like for example research by the Nielsen Norman Group suggest users still very much prefer Desktop/laptop for making most e-commerce transactions, and it may take a long while before the mobiles will overtake it..

Surely, this is great to have your website usable both for mobile and desktop;  the question is,  are there enough developer resources to develop both desktop and the mobile versions at the highest quality level in the free Abantecart? The adaptive type (automatic resizing of images and layout while keeping overall style) of mobile design that is already embedded in the shopping cart's code, is not perfect (it has limitations) but is a low-cost compromise (compared to deploying and running additional, fully mobile website). Is the mentioned non-free mobile template much different (or better) than the original adaptive code?

New Features Discussion / Universal Analytics support
« on: January 20, 2015, 06:10:34 AM »
They say Google Analytics accounts will become history this spring, and those who haven't already voluntarily converted over from Google Analytics to the new Universal Analytics, will be forced to, as Google will automatically convert over the accounts who have not already done so themselves (though the old name 'Google Analytics' may stick unofficially).
Some of us do not use Analytics (to speed up the page loading) and so, do not care much; but some users do, and AC does support automatic GA integration. Perhaps, the change in old AbanteCart's code (like shipped Javascript snippets) would be required for the new UA accounts to work, so filing this feature well in advance for the abantecart's information, just in case :)

New Features Discussion / Re: Product filter block
« on: September 07, 2014, 12:57:43 AM »
Thanks for the idea but the existing extension is more about filtering search results, it works and looks differently from what was proposed here.
The block in this thread would work like a "dynamic subcategories selector" the opencart  and sophio already have (please see links above).

It could be a new nice feature, unless there a quick way to set it somewhere.

Do you remember those two Grid & List orange buttons to the right of the product listing sorting header?
Customers can press and change on the fly how the listed products are layed out, no matter if it's a list built from Search or by browsing Categories.

Now the problem is, only a few customers really know and use these buttons; and there is no Setting found in the AC to control the default behavior.
The default "Grid" layout is fine when applied to the lists built from browsing Categories;  but the lists built from Search -- there should be a way to change the defaults separately,  like to show the Search results in the form of the List rather than Grid.   With the "List" type arrangement the customers can see product descriptions shown under the thumbs.  These descriptions are helpful for the lists built from Search because search results are quite random, detached from the categories, so the customers often get lost.

These 2 orange buttons to switch between 'grid' and 'list' are reflected in "Sorting + Pagination" section of

But how to specify which button is pressed by default for the list built from Category and the list built from Search (separately)?
We would like to be able to specify the default one (the List) specifically for the products found in Search while leaving it as is (the Grid) for those customers who prefer browsing Categories.  If you know the place where to look at into the code for the Search, we would appreciate that.

The only seemingly related note we found in the release notes for 1.1.8 was
"default_html5 minor fix related to product listing buttons for product"
( )
Not sure how that fix aligned with this feature.

Tips and Tricks / Disabled stock tracking
« on: July 10, 2014, 07:17:43 AM »
Are you familiar with situation when some of your orders are never paid?  Reasons vary (afterall, it's up to a customer), and in reality it may happen quite often.
By default in the cart, the ordered amounts are automatically subtracted from stock, so you will have to add the stock manually for each such product.

We do have the related Stock Tracking feature in AbanteCart, but :
- it can be managed per product only (at least in 1.1.7),
- it is ignored by the system whatever value you choose (Yes or No), the amount is always subtracted (at least in 1.1.7), so if you thought you would do a quick database update like
   mysql> update ab_products set subtract=0;
to disable Stock Tracking for all your products, it will not help  (at least in 1.1.7).

The cart does have a seemingly related global configuration parameter in the Settings->All,  called 'config_stock_subtract' for the Checkout group, but it cannot be changed in the Admin. Anyways, it is set to Off by default, and changing its value to 1(On) in the database doesn't make any difference  (at least in 1.1.7).

Soo... :)  The Tip & Trick is to add exclamation mark into the file  /public_html/storefront/model/checkout/order.php   line 247

[~/public_html/storefront]# diff model/checkout/order.php ~/tmp/order.php.saved
<             if (!$product['subtract']) {
>             if ($product['subtract']) {

This line is in the following section:
foreach ($order_product_query->rows as $product) {
                                if ($product['subtract']) {
                                        $this->db->query("UPDATE " . $this->db->table("products") . "
                                                                          SET quantity = (quantity - " . (int)$product['quantity'] . ")
                                                                          WHERE product_id = '" . (int)$product['product_id'] . "'");

As a result, you will have the "stock tracking" really disabled for all products at once.  To enable it back, revert the change.

The hack is related to how often your orders are really paid, and your inventory/stock control at the same time.
It is based on the issues discussed earlier in these threads:,198,1257

We found it's more appropriate to subtract the actual stock manually after the order was really paid,  instead of monitoring and manually adding the stock for the unpaid orders. Especially when you have to keep low amounts of 1-2 in the stock for each product, while a good chunk of your orders will never be paid. 
We haven't seen anything relevant mentioned in the release notes for 1.1.8 and 1.1.9, so it might be the same in these versions too. Hope it helps

hi- regarding mysql_connect() warning, it appears MySQL is not running on the server itself?
Also, your domain cannot be resolved into IP address by your DNS servers - & - though it can be resolved into using public DNS services..
Looks like both issues can be addressed straight to your hosting provider.
You can append "" record to your own laptop's hosts file, to be able to check when the MySQL issue is fixed, yet before your nameservers are fixed.

SEO / Re: Seo problems
« on: May 06, 2014, 08:54:19 AM »
Stick with Linux or BSD with Apache or Lighttpd or NginX +rewritemod

Exactly!  Do stick with Linux. Even though there are MySQL and even Apache for Windows, Windows servers prefer IIS and MSSQL/sqlite stuff, and require adaptive modifications. Even if PHP itself is multiplatform, implementing Abantecart support for Windows (for the sake of marketing popularity) would mean distraction of limited dev resources and introducing new bugs, thereby constantly impacting quality of the mainstream, Linux-based product..

General Support / Re: suggestion for cloning a product
« on: April 01, 2014, 04:22:48 AM »
Were going to report it too but Kees made it first.  [:blush:]
The Cloning button does in fact drops whatever filter you had in the product listing before pressing it.  How to reproduce:

1. Admin Catalog > Product list: Filter by entering name or model id
2. Press the Clone button
3. See that your filter was dropped, and the list was reordered. Now you have to *re-enter* your filter (or 'Copy', as Lee suggested) to look it up again.

The problem with 'Copy' trick here is that it only finds you the new clone, while the folks out there (from own experience) are willing to witness 2 or more products (original filter) on the same page to be sure it worked correctly, and to edit/compare parameters. While this is a minor issue, the Cloning is popular thing, so keeping (not dropping) the filter could help make the cart even better experience for those of us frequently using the Cloning.

Support / Re: category menu links
« on: April 01, 2014, 03:10:26 AM »
Since you (evidently) already have the Store URL set correctly to your domain name in admin system > settings > details  (and this is the only directly related setting),  the AbanteCart is supposed to pick it up for these links generation.  Just look at how HTTP SERVER and HOST are being used in
 ~/public_html/core/init.php     (there's also your 'localhost' mentioned in it)     to render the links for the storefront in the php and passed to the tpls. Then at some point later the cache files come into play.   You do have supported PHP version, do you?

The problem started when I switched from default template to html5.
I know if I clear the category cache then the problem goes away for a while.

Sounds like a software bug triggered by the switch ? 
As the old default html template appears to be rarely used,  the switch could be overlooked QA scenario..
Maybe someone from Abantecart team could help figure out this one.

Support / Re: category menu links
« on: March 12, 2014, 09:59:55 AM »
These could be related:


Also, see what you have in the public_html/system/cache dir -- look for specific files containing
And when had is started to happen?  once you have triggered the SEO URLs feature or something ?

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