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This question has been asked a few times, but I've not found a satisfactory answer, or the responders have not seemed to understand the issue, so here goes.

I have stores with Opencart and Magento, and those platforms assume that product prices include any tax that you may assign to them. (I'm in the UK so our VAT tax rate is 20%)
So, for example, a taxable product with a price of 9.99 is assumed to be 8.32 + Tax when it comes to checkout.

It seems that AbanteCart ADDS the tax to the product price instead, rather than assuming it's included. So a taxable product at 9.99 becomes 9.99 + tax at checkout - 11.99.
I can zero rate my products, but if a B2B customer requires a VAT invoice, then this is problematic.

System > Settings > Checkout > Display Prices With Tax set to no just removes "inc. Taxes" off the product page.

Is there a way of getting AbanteCart to include tax rather than add tax to product prices? I use Magento so am not afraid of a little coding if it's possible.
It seems like a good platform for what I need, but I can't be doing trying to work out all my prices ex-VAT, what with all the rounding up/down issues.


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