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Built-in Features / Fast checkout - error
« on: January 07, 2021, 09:39:45 AM »
Hi. I have just installed AbanteCart for evaluation, as need something more modern than Zen Cart.  One of the features that attracted me was mention of the fast checkout, which would be great as many of us use PayPal on our sites.

I am currently running the cart on my local machine under a WAMP environment, however when I try to run the fast checkout module I get the following error..  Non-secure connection! Checkout process forbidden, which I am guessing it looking do be a SSL enabled site, whereas your regular checkout works fine?? 

Is there something I can do to disable this warning and let the program run offline for testing.  Your online demo doesn't show the fast checkout in operation and I am reluctant to upload it to a live ssl enabled site to see what it looks like and operates, as I am currently looking at several other cart software too at moment and don't want to use bandwidth up.


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