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hi. im new here. this is my first post

i dont know much about php or how this website works but I've taken to myself to add farsi as a new language extension. (as a practice and to use it for my own business)
(you can check my progress in my github page with the same username)

i want to setup a local development environment to have everything to be mock functional on my pc.
(i can use a host but the cheap host that i have is too slow to do development on)

i know a bit of general dev knowledge but i need a straightforward guide to help me setup a environment and test my language package in it.
(i know how to use docker if it helps)
if anyone could help me on that it would be appreciated.
(ive never done any backend work before. thats why im asking for help.)

i dont want to sell it or anything so you'd receive the thanks from many users in iran as well.

there is no rush tho. i can wait since i only finished one file in the time of posting this.

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