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Here's how you make all texts of the drop menu lowcase.  (Tested with AbanteCart 1.2.11.)

In file "storefront/view/default/stylesheet/style.css":

Comment out lines 640 and 679 (or remove them):

Code: [Select]
ul.categorymenu > li > a {
/* text-transform:uppercase;  (at line 640)*/
Code: [Select]
.categorymenu li a.menu_home {
/* text-transform:uppercase;  (at line 679)*/

How-to questions / Easiest way to upgrade from 1.2.11 to 1.3.4 ?
« on: December 19, 2023, 07:57:53 AM »

I could install two versions of xampp on localhost, with can be used at the same time:
  • first one running PHP 7.1.33, with Abantecart 1.2.11
  • second one running PHP 8.2.12, with Abantecart 1.3.4

I want to migrate the data (categories / products / zones-to-locations / ressources) from the 1.2.11 version to the 1.3.4, so that I can test the new features.

The shop is multilingual (English, French, German), the translations coming from the repository on GitHub.
There are very few other extensions installed (PayPal) but not configured yet.

I assume the best way is through System > Data > Backup / Restore rather than through System > Data > Import / Export.
Is this the way to go?


I am using AbanteCart 1.2.11 for a few weeks and just imported around 140 products from a previous tentative with PrestaShop.

I am the kind of person who likes to get my hands dirty, formatting SQL INSERT queries though a spreadsheet and a code editor.
There were no exceptions this time, and I imported my products through phpMyAdmin.
To create categories, I used AbanteCart's admin.

Here are few ideas coming from my experience with AbanteCart.

1) Please, show SKU everywhere!

SKU numbers are my personal product references in my catalog.
These are my product IDs, way more that the product ID that AbanteCart's gives to products.

I mostly sell spare parts, and most of them have a model.
But the SKU remains the reference that uniquely identifies a product in my inventory (Excel file, a.s.o.). Even the picture names of my products contains the SKU.
I assume that also for those of you selling new items in quantities, the SKU is of vital importance.
Currently, that my products (identified by their SKU) and their prices were imported, I still need to write their name in three languages, and to upload their images.

I applied this quick-fix temporary solution of duplicating the SKU in the "model" field using this SQL query:
UPDATE `ac_products` SET model=sku WHERE (model='' AND sku!='');

It is the only way for me to know who is who.

To my opinion, the SKU should be displayed at the following locations:
  • as a column in the products list
, preferably between the product thumbnail and the "name" field.
  • at top of the General tab, right to the cloning button
  • at top of the Media tab, and of all other products tabs, at a similar location (top left).
The SKU being the "instant identifier" of a product, I suggest these locations in the tabs rather than in the product information header, so that the SKU is more highlighted.

2) Attach a product to a category directly from the product list.
After importing my products, I had to attach them manually to the categories for my AbanteCart shop (which were different from those that I had in Prestashop).
I had to open two tabs in phpMyAdmin, first one with the view described in my answer to Old-Paul about bulk moving products to a different category, and second one showing the records of the 'category_description' table.
By comparing, I could manually edit the category IDs in the first tab, but it was painful.
I would suggest a one character wide droplist in the product list, that upon click would expand itself like a popup, Ajax-load categories, and let pick one. The categories could be listed in a classical drop list, or expandable tree.
A good location for the one-char-wide droplist could be beween the checkbox and the product thumbnail.

3) Add an EAN13 column in the backend, and structured data in the frontend.

Nowadays, EAN numbers as well as structured data (JSON-LD) are essentials to e-commerce.
I would really suggest adding a column for an optional EAN13 number in the main product table as a core feature.

Maybe I missed something, but I could not see JSON-LD data as native in AbanteCart.
There is in the market place a "SEO Rich Snippet Microdata for Products" extension that I didn't test.
Prestashop offers natively a field for EAN (as well as a few ones like ISBN which is limited to books).
I'm not in favor of increasing the number of fields excessively, but EAN sounds to me like a "must have".

4) Save and directly jump to next translation.
When saving a new product, if the shop is multilingual, I would appreciate two buttons: "Save" and "Save and jump to next tranlation".
So, after saving, one could directly be directed to the fields in which to edit the next language without having to select the language in the drop list and wait again that everythings loads.

5) If there are few languages: bar of toggle butttons instead of drop list.
I am aware this would increase code complexity, and reduce the core principle of AbanteCart's scalabily unless the drop list remains, but most shops are likely in just a few languages. In the admin, a bar of toggle buttons rather than a drop list would bring some gain of performance when editing products, categories, a.s.o.

6) Don't resize and don't rename the main product images
All my images are pre-processed and optimized (size, compression, ...) depending on the level of detail needed.
The automatic resizing of pictures to a size of 500 pixels is very painful and makes the zoom-scroll feature almost useless.
Make the resize optional with a toggle button in "System > Settings > Appearance" (set on "Off" by default) near to the suggested image size.
For users that upload unoptimized images, a dialog box could be fired, suggesting a resize and asking them if they accept it.
I will detail this idea more in detail below.

7) Older dashboard pictures were better
It is a personal opinion, but I find the dashboard pictures from version 1.2.11 better than those of version 1.3.4.
Although a bit old-fashioned, they were clearer than those of version 1.3.4.
They were more intuitive, without the need for some further cerebral decyphering.


Sometimes I want to give an example about how one can perform things in phpMyAdmin using SQL queries, using the "Insert Code" formatting. In such a case, the forum doesn't let me post, mentioning that external links are not accepted, whilst there is none.

I recently had this issue answering Old-Paul's question about how to batch assign products to categories:,10534.msg40590.html#new
The patch for me has been using horizontal rules to isolate the code chunks, but this is not optimal.

Also, in the preview, the font size is excessively small for the code.

Thank you.

General Discussion / Sudan and South Sudan are two different countries
« on: December 11, 2023, 12:24:00 PM »
Just for your info, South Sudan is not the South of the Sudan, but an independant country that is missing in the database  of Abantecart 1.3.4.

I found this when setting delivery locations.


As AbanteCart likes standardization, I would suggest numbering languages according alphabetical list for the ISO 639-1 codes from the International Organization for Standardization.

This would mean that "language_id" would be set to:
  • 41 for English (instead of default 1)
  • 149 for Spanish
  • 29 for Chinese
  • 55 for German
  • 48 for French
instead of being attributed by the auto increment.

If developers of language extensions would follow this simple rule, it would be much easier to create datasets that can be easily be imported by every user of AbanteCart.

Consider for instance how zone descriptions can be imported by SQL queries:
INSERT INTO `ac_zone_descriptions` (`zone_id`, `language_id`,`name`) VALUES (...,...,'')

Of course, some languages will probably never be imported, like dead ones (e.g. 93,'Latin','la), but it would just suffice to check the list to know which id should be used for each language.

I have prepared the full CSV list of 183 languages, alphabetically ordered, as well as the SQL query equivalent for AbanteCart's list languages list.

I hope there will be some traction for this practice. Writing a few updaters for existing shops should not be a big issue.
Awaiting for your feedback.

Feedback / Slightly different icons for storefront, admin, docs and forum.
« on: December 05, 2023, 08:48:23 AM »

As a minor improvement, I would suggest using slighlty different icons for the frontend, backend, the documentation and the forum.

When navigating with multiple tabs opened in the web browser, this would make easier to identify to which page is which.

Feedback / I love AbanteCart, its documentation and its forum.
« on: December 05, 2023, 08:44:14 AM »

I am new to AbanteCart and would like to tell that I am falling in love with it!

I am still building my ecommerce on localhost (xampp/PHP 7.1.33) and using the 1.2.11 version of AbanteCart.

Among things that I especially appreciate is that AbanteCart is lightweight and responsive.
Having the main fields of products being directly editable in batch mode in the backend, without having to access each product individually is how every ecommerce system should be.
The fun things is that I had partly redesigned the backend of another system, and when looking at the product edition in AbanteCart, is is close to what I had designed and coded, with ajaxified fields. So, I really feel comfortable using AbanteCart's backend, almost like if I had written it.
We obviously share the same philosophy.

The backend of an ecommerce system is of uppermost importance, and AbanteCart excels in this regard.
I like the fact that AbanteCart is designed with efficiency of catalogue/product edition/etc. in mind, with a compact laptop-friendly GUI, as opposite to alla moda designs of some other systems that prove being totally unefficient for managing products.
I didn't test the in development version 2.0 yet, but hope that the spirit of Abantecart 1.x remains.

Congratulations and keep on with the good work.

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