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General Support / Maintenance Mode bug?
« on: June 14, 2017, 08:32:11 PM »
Hello, I turned on Maintenance Mode this afternoon.  It worked.  I could access every page on the site.  Each page had a MM reminder flag at the top. 

I walked away for 2 hours, came back, refreshed a page, and got the "Maintenance message instead of page content. 

So I logged back on to Admin, and clicked the Storefront button to reload the site.  Still got the Maint message. 

So i closed the browser, opened a new browser, paused adblock, loaded and logged on to Admin, clicked Storefront, still got the Maintenance message. 

So i turned off Maint Mode, then clicked storefront again, this time it worked. 

Apparently, if you walk away for long enough for the Admin to log you out due to inactivity, then everything seems to get stuck in MM, regardless of login status on fresh browser.  buggy? 

I've been setting up a site, and I had everything working pretty well all the way through the last checkout page.

Today, when i started AC admin, I was reading the various settings menus that come up every time you start AC admin.  On the last page, I clicked an extension called default_free_shipping extension.   I have no idea why i did that.  I thought it was part of the site.   

It looks like it's a not-very-useful tool that places a free shipping box with an icon on the 2nd checkout page.  I don't need that.  So I turned it off. 

Now I get two errors on my 2nd checkout page. 

It says Success: You have successfully saved your settings!   It says this in a green box ON MY CHECKOUT PAGE!?!.
Right under that, it says Error: No Shipping options are available. Please contact us for assistance!  in a red box. 

This page was working before I started that extension.  Now the page doesn't work. 

When I set up all my products, I enabled Free Shipping in the Product Summary setup page for each product.  Based on this setting, the cart was working fine. 

Then I turned that extension on, then turned it back off, and now the cart has errors. 

I have several questions:
1 - How do I fix this? 

2 - what is this extension?  It has a name that makes it seem like part of the AbanteCart system, but i guess it is not part of the system?  Do i need it for the site to work correctly?  What is it? 

3 - Is AbanteCart able to function completely without adding any extensions?  Or does it need some extensions in order to work properly?  If so, which ones? 

4 - Why does the "new site" settings pop-up continue to come up every time I start AbanteCart admin?  Is there a way to disable it? 

Customization help / order_summary.tpl
« on: June 14, 2017, 12:29:58 PM »
This is line 3:
<h2 class="heading2"><span><?php echo $heading_title; ?></span></h2>

It doesn't do anything.  I don't have a title in the Order Summary block displayed on my page.  I would like to have a title "Order Summary".  What do i need to do?

Also same page: my site is free shipping, so I don't need Sub-Total displayed.

I see only one call for a Total title and Total text, but I also see line 27: <?php foreach ($totals as $total) { ?>
which I think is what opens the door to displaying both a Subtotal and Total. 

Is there a way to change this so that only the Total is called?

Customization help / How to change topcart icons
« on: June 13, 2017, 04:28:05 PM »
The dropdown from the topcart has two icons:
fa fa-shopping-cart fa-fw
fa fa-money fa-fw

What is the location of these icon files?  I would like to replace them with different icons of my own design, but I cannot find the location. 

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