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We are getting very close to 1.2.7 release.
Please help us with final round of testing.

To get source to install:

To test upgrade from 1.2.6 with key :
or URL:

Report issues here:

Thank you for contributing into testing AbanteCart. Even a small help is very appreciated.

General Discussion / Update logo for AbanteCart
« on: March 23, 2016, 08:06:22 AM »
Hello AbanteCart users.

Recently, we have been forced to replace our logo as one big company claims we have a conflict with their logo.
We do not want to mention company name as of yet.
They claim our logo is "confusing similarity" with their logo, and because they filed Trademark 1 year earlier than we did, they force us to change the logo.

I will not go into argument about "confusing similarity" as it is a subject to many opinions.
Even though, we do not see "confusing similarity" and believe logos are too different, we are asked to replace the logo.

Now, we are opening discussion and collecting ideas for new logo for AbanteCart.

I think we like to stay in the same color combination with blue and orange.

Thank you and looking forward for help with ideas.

News and Announcements / New AbanteCart 1.2.6 is out.
« on: March 13, 2016, 10:52:00 PM »
New version of AbanteCart 1.2.6 is released.

Master branch is set to be 1.2.6.

New Features and improvements highlight:
- IM (SMS) Notifications for administrators and customers
- New Text and visual HTML editor
- Resource Library improvement and RL manager page
- Improved email bulk mailing, newsletter and SMS messaging
- Improved site performance in the code and with provided Apache server side settings.
- Tax exemption

News and Announcements / New version 1.2.3
« on: July 21, 2015, 09:57:30 PM »
New version of AbanteCart 1.2.3 is released.

Master branch is set to be 1.2.3.

Upgrade and announcements will be tomorrow.

Support / Unexpected AbanteCart failure or error check list
« on: January 20, 2015, 02:28:15 PM »
If your AbanteCart stopped functioning do not panic. AbanteCart application is running on the server operating system and many small things that can cause issues for all your web applications.

Follow below steps and identify problem you might have and quick resolution. DO NOT post new threads before you go though this list and understand what is happening.

NOTE: Majority of unexpected issues are happening due to hosting/server related issues/changes or code modifications.

Main objective to narrow down the problem and know the root cause of the problem and who to contact for help.

1. Start with looking at your AbanteCart error log.,834.0.html
   - See what errors/warnings are last listed or appear more often.
   - Read message carefully, as some messages are self explanatory.
   - Search for the error message in the forum to see if this issue was addressed before.
This step can save you lots of time.

2. Remember if any updates or activity has been recently done on your server. Any updates of applications on your server?
You might have received email from hosting company with some updates notifications.

3. Was anyone recently working on your site and changed settings or code? Contact that person and ask what was done. Backups might be helpful here.

4. Do you have enough disk space or resources on your server? If you reach the limit in the disk space, applications on your server can stop functioning. Clean or add more space.

5. Very often cause of issues is file or directory permission change. Check that all directories and files are with correct permissions.
For example: All PHP/CSS/JS files should be 0644 and most of directories 0755
 Some directories/files such as  ../system/cache ../image ../resources  ../download and their content should be 0777

6. Was your hosting account compromised or hacked? Check for unknown and new PHP files or other scripts.
You can contact your hosting company if you concerned that your account was hacked.

7. Was any file or directory accidentally deleted? This is rare, but it does happen, we are all human.   

8. Is your database accessible? You will see the message in #1 if connection can not be established. Your hosting provider can help you here.

9. In some rare occasion tables in the database can be corrupted. You can run repair command in your database to attempt to fix the table structure. You can check this with your hosting provider.

10. Look at your web server log for other system related errors. You can check this with your hosting provider for log location and errors reported.   

11. If you believe you encounter bug in AbanteCart, let us know. We will work on the solution and a fix

If you are busy and do not want to follow above steps, you will need to find yourself a technical support person or contact our team for paid support for your eCommerce.

What should you do if you get warning/error below during installation:

"Warning: Your server have APC (Alternative PHP Cache) php module enabled. Please disable it before installation!"
'Warning: Your server have opcache php module enabled. Please disable it before installation!'

Background for the issue.
We have noticed instability in cache operations related APC and Opcache modules. These are not default cache engines and we recommend to disable them before you install AbanteCart. This is set as requirement, but if you confident APC or Opcache will work well, you can disable this validation.

A. Disable  APC or  Opcache

B. Disable validation check in the code:
Open file install/controller/pages/settings.php for edit
Locate lines 133:138 and delete them or comment out.

Code: [Select]
if (ini_get('opcache.enable')) {
$this->error['warning'] = 'Warning: Your server have opcache php module enabled. Please disable it before installation!';
if (ini_get('apc.enabled')) {
$this->error['warning'] = 'Warning: Your server have APC (Alternative PHP Cache) php module enabled. Please disable it before installation!';


News and Announcements / Update on v1.2
« on: November 08, 2014, 12:55:49 PM »
As you might have seen, we have released AbanteCart 1.2 alpha version

I opened this thread to discuss any questions related to upcoming version 1.2

FAQ & Tutorials / AbanteCart Forum Rules
« on: September 23, 2014, 08:40:50 AM »
General Forum Rules
  • Only one account per person is allowed.
  • Posts are to be made in the relevant forum category. Users are asked to read the forum descriptions before posting.
  • Members are asked to be respectful to all other users at all times. Flaming or insulting users in any form in the forum, private messages or emails will not be tolerated.
  • Do not post any material that can be offensive to others or discuss illegal activity.
  • Do not disguise yourself or represent another community member/company by name or avatar or statements.
  • Do not use the word AbanteCart in your user name or screen name in any form or combination.
  • If you refer to AbanteCart product or project in the post, use one word “AbanteCart” without any abbreviation or spaces. 
  • Do not duplicate questions with new post. Use the global search feature for answers to your questions prior to posting.
    Make sure you have read the parent article/post completely before posting a reply.
  • Choose an appropriate subject line. Summarise the problem briefly in the subject, and elaborate in the message itself. Do not use all caps and do not add false information just to get attention. An example of a bad subject would be "HELP ME". A good subject might be, "Error while updating product". Do not use a URL as a thread title.
  • Do not link to any site that contains adult content, sexually oriented material or might otherwise be considered offensive. Any post containing an inappropriate link will be deleted.
  • No commercial advertising is permitted. Any posts deemed to be self promotion, advertising, or spam can and will be removed. NO SPAM - NO ADVERTISING eg. Posting and making excessive, inappropriate and unnecessary references to your products and websites is self promotion.
  • Members are asked to respect the copyright of other users, sites, media, etc.
    The above forum rules also apply to private messaging. Abuse of the private messaging system may lead to warnings and/or banning from this forum.
  • Members should note, that this software is open source and therefore given out for no cost. All members of AbanteCart community volunteer their time and experience in order to aid others.
  • We reserve the right to remove offensive or advertizing posts without notice.

Post and reply guidelines
  • Because AbanteCart community is supported by volunteers, you need to help them to help you. If you post your question or problem, try to be as clear as possible. Read your message before you post and think if it is clear to others.
  • If you  submit an issue, support it with error message or example of incorrect result. Provide an extract from your error log if you get an error page. DONOT post huge log with duplicate information.  Few lines are more that enough.
  • Include version of your AbanteCart if you report an issue
  • Include screenshots if you think they will help to see your problem.
  • Be reasonable with your specific customization questions. Does it help others?
  • Keep in mind, if you question is not clear, it is likely to be ignored.
  • Do not include private information (passwords, usernames) in the public posts.
  • Using an avatar that would mistake you with a AbanteCart team member is not allowed.
  • Do not use any imagery that you do not own or have rights to use.
  • Do not use any imagery that would be offensive to others.
  • Must be setup in your profile, and not manually added to your posts.
  • Signatures may not contain more than 3 lines of regular or small size text, no spaces between the lines.
  • May include up to 2 external links (URL's or mailto:) - No duplicate links, no tiny URL's or redirects.
  • We reserve the right to ask you to change and/or remove your signature or avatar at any time if violates with AbanteCart or forum policies.
  • Explicit advertising and solicitous language in signatures is prohibited.
Soliciting and Advertising
  • Posting threads or sending private messages or emails to users that advertise or solicit any products, services, funds or donations are strictly forbidden.
  • Explicit advertising and solicitous language in signatures is prohibited.

Failure to follow forum rules may result in an editing, negative moderation, deletion of violated posts or user ban. We reserve the right to ban abusers from the forum and removal of posts in violation with our forum rules. We reserve the right to change forum rules at any time.                                          

Additionally, please check Code of Conduct

Installation and Configuration / New installation
« on: September 09, 2014, 12:46:43 PM »
Great new. Thanks to a2hosting, we now offer you free personal demos for AbanteCart.

In case you struggle to install AbanteCart on your local computer or server, and need to try abantercart, you can get instant personal demo. It is simple and no hassle.

News and Announcements / Select a feature you might be interested in
« on: July 07, 2014, 09:57:53 PM »
Check the features that we listed now and suggest new features.

Tips and Tricks / MOVED: order number copy somewhere
« on: April 29, 2014, 09:04:22 AM »

General Discussion / MOVED: Robots.txt
« on: January 26, 2014, 11:55:10 AM »

General Discussion / MOVED: Some Facebook SEO tricks
« on: January 25, 2014, 08:45:30 PM »

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