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AbanteCart needs some ways to make Act in Behalf of the customer mode better.

Right now Act in Behalf of the customer mode can only go so far as the payment and still gets asked to get the payment information from the customer which most people do not like giving that information over the phone and email due security reasons.

So can AbanteCart please make it possible to allow customers to have an option to save there credit card on file for the Act in Behalf of the customer to work fully.

Thank you...

I am designing a shopping cart for a client of mine and for the most part things are ready to go except for one thing.

I need to setup for assorted box chocolates orders 1 lb, 2 lb and 5 lb boxes where the customer selects what chocolates they want.

Say a customer wants a 1 lb box assorted box of chocolates they need to select the chocolates that will go in that 1 lb box.

This is what I need to find the proper steps to setup above.

Can you please send links or steps how to setup this.

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