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General Support / Embed Code Not Displaying On My Page
« on: November 17, 2015, 06:16:53 PM »
I had a personal store created but the embed code does not work in a page where I am testing it.

So I copied some embed code from that demo Glammy site and low-and-behold the embed code works.

So something in this personal site theme or something is preventing the embed code from displaying. How can I change it to like the Glammy demo site so I can test my store code out?

Also, I added some options for this product I created but the embed code does NOT include those options. Why Not?



I want to start playing with AbanteCart to see if it can do what I need it to. Will it install on a Linux Hostgator Shared Server?

If so, are there any installation instructions available?

I also have 2 sites written in php/html5/js that are host on a Small Orange Linux server and have a very old shopping cart and I want to upgrade ONLY the shopping cart functionality (add-to-cart, select options, etc.) in all of my pages. Please See Attachment. I don't need to show an image or description for the product. I just need to display the various product attributes and options and have them "tied" or integrated with the shopping cart and back-end order management system.

Is this possible with AbanteCart ?

I have a Linux based Hostgator account also. Can I install AbanteCart on it and use the embed codes in one of my existing pages to test it out before moving my sites from A Small Orange?

Also, I process my orders on my sites manually. I don't believe I need a gateway. Can AbanteCart be setup to take and order and put it in my back-end office for me to process manually using the customers billing/shipping and credit card information (including credit card security code) ?

Also, what is a good, fast reliable host to install AbanteCart & my sites on? I looked at A2 hosting at but I'm not familiar with this host but they look good.

Thanks in advance,

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