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Steps to follow to find a Creative domain name
« on: February 23, 2023, 08:05:59 AM »
Well, you know the first priority of a successful domain is its remembrance. So to create a successful website, lets have a look at some of the ways to create a unique domain name.

1. Short and sweet: First, consider picking a short domain name for your website because short and sweet domain names will always capture people's minds and their attention, as it will also be easy for people to remember. It is always recommended to complete the name between 6-13 characters.

2. Always use keywords in the name: it is a key factor for a creative domain name. Using keywords in your domain name not only makes your domain name look unique as compared to your competitor's but also helps your website to get a better ranking.

3. Target your location in the domain name: if your business is local business always target the keywords which will reflect the connection with your city or state. As the advantage of it is all the local people when they search into it your result will somewhere reflect.

4. Check at whois:lookup: While planning to keep a unique domain name, just to make sure, always check in the whois lookup if the domain name is already taken or not.

5. Use domain name generator: Without brainstorming, you can easily take the help of the tool name called domain name generator as it will give you various options for the domain name with the help of it, you can choose and apply for a creative domain name.
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