Author Topic: Remove Address Lines in Fast Checkout (Downloadable Content)  (Read 4243 times)

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Hello, I´m new on here and using AbanteCart 1.3.3 / Bootstrap5 with PayPal Payment. Because of the fact that i´m selling only digital (downloadable) product´s, i want to remove all the input fields what showing up after a Click on "Buy Now". Just first/lastname and email should stay. All the others (Address, Zip, City, Phone etc.) i want to remove.

I am searching now three days  :-\ in some .php and .tpl files for a way to get rid of it, but looks like i am unable to do this. Can somebody help me please doing this?
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Re: Remove Address Lines in Fast Checkout (Downloadable Content)
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Address fields are required to pass internal security checks in the payments (required by the card processor). It is highly not recommended to remove them


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