Author Topic: Offer Discount to Certain Groups if Certain Number of Items In Category Bought?  (Read 2470 times)

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I am wondering if it is possible to offer a percentage discount to customers in certain Customer Groups if they purchase a certain number of products from within a category instead of a certain quantity of one single item? If this is possible, how do I accomplish this? For example, I have the Customer Groups titled Dropshippers and one titled Wholesalers and for MANY items, I only have one single item. Typically, the minimum purchase for the Dropshipper Group is one but for the Wholesalers Group, it's 10 and I'm unable to use the Promotions feature within the products to offer a discount to the Wholesalers Group unless I lower my quantity to match the quantity in stock.

If anyone knows of a way to offer a percentage discount or other discount to certain Customer Groups for entire categories instead of single products, please let me know. Or is there possibly a way to set the minimum number of products someone in a certain Customer Group must purchase before they are eligible for the promo for that Customer Group? I am trying to avoid any Paid Modules as I do not have the funds to purchase anything like that right now since I just launched and purchased a lot of inventory for my store until I start generating sales on a regular basis. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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