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Security / Password reset with forgotten username
« on: December 04, 2019, 02:16:38 AM »
Hi all.
I'd like to reset my password using the forgotten password option when logging into Abantecart administration back end.
I have forgotten either or both of the user name and password because when I try all the combinations I remember, it says "No match for Username and/or Password". However, resetting it requires I fill in the email address and the code displayed to prove I am not a robot, as well as the user name, which I do not remember. The issue is, if I leave it blank, or make any error in any of the 3 text boxes, the error always says "Human verification Failed!" and makes me re-enter a new code, even if the error is not in that section.

Thus I am unable to proceed further at all.
You can see the attached picture.
Please help.
Thank you

Support / Product embed code not working
« on: October 21, 2019, 08:56:18 PM »
I have managed to successfully upload and install Abantecart onto my self hosted website. However, I cannot embed the product code into my self hosted website. I copied and pasted the provided code into the body of my HTML but nothing except the white shopping bag logo displays. The logo is also not clickable.

When I pasted the same code into my hosted wordpress website, it works. Why is this and how do I fix it?

I downloaded the latest version of AbanteCart Cart 1.2.15 from the AbanteCart website (ie not from GitHub) using the regular installation. I uploaded it to my test website (It is a free hosting site by 000webhostapp) but I cannot install it properly. During the entire unzip to upload and install process, there were the following errors:

1. During unzip, several files would not unzip. I saved the errors as a txt file, attached for you to read. I tried multiple times but the same thing happened.

2. During upload using FileZilla, there are always 121 files (too many for me to name) that won't upload. I have to upload them a second time through the 'failed' section through requeue and process all. It works the second time, but when I go to my website forward slash abantecart to install:

3. I cannot access anything after the 2nd page "Compatibility Validation". When I click on 'continue', what should be step 3 Configuration, the page instead says:

"Fatal error: Interface 'AProgressBar' not found in /storage/ssd2/942/7713942/public_html/Abantecart/install/controller/pages/install.php on line 306".

There is absolutely nothing else on the page, it is completely white besides this text.

Would appreciate some help, thank you.

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