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Built-in Features / Store Owner's name is not used
« on: November 10, 2013, 11:24:46 AM »
According to the documentation at
"Store Owner: The store owner's name, or can also be the name of the store. This value will be in the "from" field of any email that is sent from the website when sent, such as one that is sent to the customer after purchasing."

Yet, we've noticed the Store Owner's name (System > Settings > Details) isn't really used in notifications.   
Instead, this is the Store Name value that is used everywhere:
- in the From: field of all outgoing emails,
- in the e-mail Subject,
- in the email signature,
- in the mail body (placeholders).

What's the built-in function for the 'Store Owner' value then?

Customization help / Googlebot controversy
« on: October 31, 2013, 05:10:42 PM »
Googlebot was detected to create rather high and excessive load on site.
It appears to crawl several thousand files with images and hundreds of phps of the cart so many times a day:
"For most sites, Googlebot shouldn't access your site more than once every few seconds on average. However, due to
network delays, it's possible that the rate will appear to be slightly higher over short periods.In general, Googlebot
should download only one copy of each page at a time. If you see that Googlebot is downloading a page multiple times,
it's probably because the crawler was stopped and restarted. "

We think we have to block it from crawling certain files\pages using a robots.txt file approach:

Is there any recommendation as to what Cart's directories could be blocked from crawling without
doing harm for the products to be found on web using google?   Thank you

Customization help / HTML tags in the product name?
« on: October 30, 2013, 03:59:25 PM »
We are thinking of better formatting for the product names  shown in store's product listing (the lists generated from search and by choosing a category),  namely we have to split the long product names that we have into 2 separate lines:

current behavior:
to =>
                    PRODUCT NAME
                    SHORT DESCRIPTION

Currently,  product names continue to the second line automatically after the 26th character or so, but we need to be able to specify by what exact character the new line should start for each product name we have. Inserting some extra spaces in name is ignored and did not help either..
We thought it could be achieved by adding HTML tags like <br> directly into the product names at Catalog > Products > click on product > General > Product Name field,  but HTML gets treated as simple text, so no help here..  :( Is there any way to do it,  maybe escaping the tags somehow, or else?   
Any ideas are appreciated! 
Thank you

Built-in Features / Identifying products in Search (by name) results page
« on: October 29, 2013, 10:35:15 AM »
We have a 3 level structure of categories for our products:    Level 1 > Level 2 > Level 3   (Make > Brand > Year)
It more or less represents used(well, pre-owned :) auto parts in our store.   It is fine if a consumer browses Catalog she can finally get to the right junk for her car.

But when she uses the Search to try and find parts by name,  she's having a hard time identifying the part for her exact car  among the multiple parts she gets listed  in her search results  because:
- all the products have largely similar looking names (like for example, a "Crankshaft" or "Oil Filter" ), 
- and only the pictures and prices are different...
This moment the consumer's pulling their hair out on the search results page cause the only way for  them to  choose among found products correctly  would be to deep breath and open EACH found product details in separate browser tab, then look through each products' details...  ( Note that product details page also won't tell you anything of the upper categories your product comes from:  it is only from the product description text we add where you can get the idea of product Category on that page. )

By any chance,  is there any way to indicate(show)  Level 2  category name (brand)  under each product title that are output  on the Search results page?
That would be a tremendous help  for the consumers  to identify the right product surprisingly easy and quickly. 
We really appreciate all of your time and energy spent to make AbanteCart the best free shopping cart ever likely to find. Your all exceptional people!

Built-in Features / Order placement and stock behavior
« on: October 27, 2013, 02:50:45 PM »
When a customer places new Order, the stock is being reduced by included product amount, even if the Order has Pending status yet, and was not shipped.
Seems, it was implemented to avoid an occasion of overselling the same product(s) amount to multiple customers.  Okay but then we have 2 issues:
 - the behavior (to reduce stock on order placement stage) seems to be fixed and is not configurable depending on order status (or is there a setting for it ?)
 - the stock is reduced forever:  the product amount is not returned back to stock after you change Order status to Cancelled/Failed/Refunded/Chargeback/whatever. Even when you remove the product from inside the Order (red icon), or delete the order completely, the stock isn't restored.. This is worrying, as it might be an oversight rather than built-in feature?  Real life orders often cannot be completed on various grounds, yet product's quantity remains unreversed..

New Features Discussion / Easy access to the Resource Library
« on: October 27, 2013, 10:46:55 AM »
An easy link or a button to bring up the Resource Library manager window, anytime anywhere in the Admin panel -- maybe near the Help (the book) icon that is always shown on the right side -- that would be great.  You often need to check your images:   find the right files, add or delete, edit, unlink etc.,  and when there is no Media icon\thumbnail on your current screen, you have to browse the panel to find one -- only to access the Library.
This would be especially helpful for when you have to upload the images for a new HTML block or a banner_block or some other case when you do not have the +Media icon to easily access the Library from your current screen.  Thanks!

Communication with the end consumer is important, and Order notifications are the main part of it.
This idea came up when we noticed the main Store Logo is always sent out as an Attachment file included in order notifications.
Having checked it closer we came to the conclusion there's likely no way to remove it from the order notifications at all. 
Related files seem to be:
The feature would allow to control such attachments (on/off, specific file, etc), and the email body contents (text, formatting etc).
The notification template controls could be mapped to the already existing mail control items,
such  System > Settings > Mail,  or  Sales > Mail .
 Thank you

These improvements would be appreciated by all AbanteCart admin users:

- ability to modify Product names and Category names quickly right at the Catalog -> Products and Categories screens  (like it's already possible in the control panel for many other objects maybe thanks to jGrid)

- additional products page navigation frame (Page 1 of 2    .. View 1 - 20 of 133) on Catalog -> Products screen. It is currently only present at bottom,
and having the second one at the top of the screen would help turn the page without having to scroll down the products' list every time (btw, there are only 2 options for viewing such lists: 20 and All.  It is also worth adding 10 and 40 as options for the number of products to be shown at a page.)

- clicking on product image thumbs(cameras) in the product list at Catalog -> Products screen would bring up the Resource Library manager instantly, and there's no need no more to go through product Edit->Media->images path only to add or change product image.

- a button to clone a (sub)Category -- including all of its underlying (if any) Sub-categories  ( without cloning products, of course! )
at the Catalog -> Categories screen.  This is similar to the Cloning button that is already present at Catalog -> Products screen.

- the 'Products Count' at Catalog -> Categories screen has to show the real count including all products of child sub-categories down the tree;
otherwise, when you are having sub-categories, it will always show you a zero count, which is of little use for admin..

Thank you for the cool cart !

General Support / 'null' category shown in product Relations
« on: October 17, 2013, 03:00:45 PM »
How to repeat:
1. Attach a product to >1 categories
2. Delete one or more categories from step 1
3. See 'null' categories are shown in the Product's Relations

We think, if some category has been deleted, it should be removed from the product Relations completely, rather than showing it as 'null'.
The latter logic might possibly affect something somewhere, that's why we're asking to check it in code ..

Built-in Features / Hiding 'Write review'
« on: October 16, 2013, 02:46:57 AM »
Dear Abantecart,

Is there some setting to hide the 'Write review' part (to the right of the 'View') in a small pop-up that shows up when your hovering mouse cursor over a product in store?   In our store we are not planning to offer the Reviewing thing at all..
It's great to still have the "View" part showing up (as not every person may know she can see details on product by clicking on it) but if we have to disable the pop-up completely, we will do that  if that's how it works.

Thank you for the great web store application!

Dear Abantecart,

Thanks for the great HTML5 template, we do like its look and feel. There is, however, some room for improvements.

As we know, a top category thumb image that is shown to customers on the front page drop-down menu is by design an image of the last sub-category of a given top category that you point your mouse over.  This behavior is fixed and may not be suitable to all shops.

At the same time, we have functionality in the control panel to add the images to all sub-categories, and even the top category itself. 
The top category image, however, will only be shown to Admin herself in her control panel, and not the end users. As a workaround,  you can still make the top-cat image available to your customers in the Menu block drop-down (instead of the last sub-cat thumb) by modifying the tpl file manually this way (based on ):

# diff storefront/view/default_html5/template/blocks/category_top.tpl  category_top.tpl.old
<                                  <li><img style="display:block" src="<?php echo $category['thumb']; ?>"
<                                         alt="<?php echo $category['name']; ?>"
<                                         title="<?php echo $category['name']; ?>">
>                                  <li><img style="display:block" src="<?php echo $scat['thumb']; ?>"
>                                         alt="<?php echo $scat['name']; ?>"
>                                         title="<?php echo $scat['name']; ?>">

But this wasn't the feature we were going to suggest  :)
Here is a related feature that doesn't seem to be possible to achieve even with hacks like the above:

ideally, the image(s) shown in Menu block category drop-down on the storefront page should change dynamically, depending on where your mouse is pointing:

- the moment you point at one of top categories (menu items corresponding to the 1st level product categories), you are presented with the top cat image to the right of the drop-down which shows sub-cats,
- next, when you start moving your mouse down drop-down, that thumb image changes dynamically depending on which exact sub-category your hovering over (with images of corresponding 2nd level sub-cat).

This way would allow us to present the top-category and 2nd level sub-cats images on the storefront page in a neat way!
(Currently, the only chance consumers have to see images of the sub-cats is on those rare occasions when they click directly on the 1st level product categories names in the menu rather than choosing sub-cat from drop-down).

Hope it makes sense to you, 
thank you

New Features Discussion / Product filter block
« on: September 24, 2013, 09:31:27 AM »
first off, this cart rocks! lots of features and still user-friendly.
Wondering is there any chance for implementing a product filter block:
each step narrows down selection directing customers to the right product, e.g. see the make/model/year filter at
Such block (or maybe extension) could be a great news for many of us having to deal with lots of subcategories.
thank you!

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