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Getting translation to French?

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No thx Im translating by hand at very slow speed and install/uninstall because of XML.
I know i will have certainly problems with french zones not correct as usual in all cart.
A good translation will get french/belgium/canadian users.

Any ideas with improvements are welcome in this forum. We are all about making great experience for users and developers. 

Here the result of a language translation:
- menu items, banners have been lost somewhere.
- responsive design cuts words and sentences. Often too short for displaying. Same thing in Admin. It is formated for English without thinking it could be wider in other languages.
- many labels stay in english. The translated entry is not pushed or doesnt exist in xml files. Same with spanish.
Minimal language requirements are not satisfied.

NOTE: Point 3 - Since i found the problem was typo errors in my XML files stopping the parser.

Those labels you're talking about are images, they are NOT IN the language bank.

You'll need to replace those images as well, open them in an image editor and replace the English with French.

I assume you're talking about things like Free Shipping, etc.

Use the Banner Manager to get  your banners back. In the admin area it's located under Design>Banner Manager

Those banners are text with blocks with embedded images, so translating those should be easy.

Ah good info.


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