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Empty From: in the registration confirmation emails sent via SMTP

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On some reason, when the cart's mail protocol is SMTP, the welcome (registration confirmation) emails have nobody in the From field,  as if  PHP generated an email with the "from" missed or malformed in the SMTP headers. 

A Yahoo user, for instance, would still get such reg. confirmation notification delivered to inbox but the From field is totally blank:
     From nobody Mon Nov 11 11:53:28 2013
 At the same time, the message body (itself being plain text) would show the message headers inserted right in the body in plain text before welcome text itself (possibly, Yahoo's feature to draw user's attention to the suspicious emails?) and that text will show the store's E-Mail mentioned correctly past From:, Reply-To:, and Return-Path: in this text.  Looks like a message formatting issue?   If she now presses "Reply" to this e-mail in Yahoo!,  she will see the emptiness in the To: of her reply, suggesting that Yahoo!  still cannot identify the Sender of the notification.   :o

Google is worse -- user will never receive any welcome email, as the message will bounce with error:
This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.
A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error.
SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data:
    host [2a00:1450:400c:c05::1a]:
    550-5.7.1 Our system has detected that this message
    550-5.7.1 is not RFC 2822 compliant. To reduce the amount of spam sent to
    550-5.7.1 Gmail, this message has been blocked. Please review
    550 5.7.1 RFC 2822 specifications for more information. vs1si9946364wjc.33 - gsmtp

That said, if you set  Mail Protocol to PHP(Mail) in admin System>Settings>Mail, and register a new user, it will be delivered correctly both to Gmail and Yahoo!  and will have the store's E-Mail address, and the StoreName shown past From:  correctly.   The "from" field is empty only in case of SMTP, and only in welcome emails.

Other SMTP notifications are fine and have the store's address and name shown correctly.  We thought maybe there's a problem in how  storefront/controller/pages/account/create.php  treats SMTP delivery for new accounts registration confirmation notifications.

This is about the new customer registration confirmation emails which seem to be broken.
If you have SMTP protocol set in admin (System>Settings>Mail) for sending out notifications, you may have this issue too.

Hi Junkyard,

Here's a link to a post I made about email configuration when I first started testing the cart.,1164.msg4559.html#msg4559

Abantecart seems to suggest that SMTP  is the preferred way,  but like you I have only gotten  desired results using Mail.  It leaves some confusion in my mind,  but since Mail works for me,  that's what I am using.


"Mail" - is a mode that use server's operation system mailer. "SMTP" - mailer of AbanteCart (php).
You just have to choose.:)

We do prefer SMTP to the so called Mail cause the latter sends out the notifications on behalf of your FTPuser@servername address, whereas we prefer sending it from our official cart's domain that can also receive incoming messages.   SMTP helps us achieve that just fine -- on except of this issue with Welcome emails.


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