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I just added an animated logo to my store, lemme know what you think please.

Let me know if you think the animation of the logo conflicts with the animation of the banners.

Looks good on the website - gets your message across of wholesale prices.  Doesn't bother me with the slider images.

However,  looked at it on the Android platform   - didn't think it worked well on the smaller screen.  Perhaps you can figure out a way to have an alternate logo for smaller screen sizes  like the sliders work IMHO.


Hey, thanks for the heads up. Damn mobile drives me nuts!


Just looked at in on my iPhone, looks great. Not sure why Android is messed up, don't have an android platform to look at it with. Also looks good here

Called my son and asked him to look it on his Android, no good.

This website, has a slider to view other websites. Click on Drudge or one of those links in the menu, a slider comes in from the right. I had to write a piece of java to disable it on screens less than 400px wide.

I'm not sure I want to go through all of that here, I may just do away with the logo.

I wasn't saying that it didn't work on the Android -  I was trying to say that I found it distracting - it kept pulling my eye to it and away from the rest of the page - it was more of an opinion.  Sorry for not being clear enough.

I was also had concerns that it increased the data usage on mobile devices - seems like a waste to a user if it does.  Again,  just an opinion.



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