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Author Topic: AbanteCart Rocks  (Read 2589 times)

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AbanteCart Rocks
« on: April 03, 2015, 09:05:38 AM »
I am a long time user of AbanteCart, but had to take a break of more than a year from eCommerce due to family personal issues.

I'm back now and I have just installed 1.2.1 for the first time and WOW what a difference.

Of course, being well versed in using AbanteCart helped me speed up the process considerably, but it was refreshing to see the many changes!

1. I love the new Admin Panel. It's a great improvement on the older version and I want to thank the core guys that worked so hard on it. An amazing job indeed!

2. My new install was set up with minimal customization on my part, using flat rate shipping and Stripe as the payment option. I love stripe so much better than PayPal (I hate PayPal) and anyone with a bank account in many countries can set it up for free and their rates are very low and funds are deposited directly into your bank account. Best part is that they don't keep the funds, they are transferred directly to your bank account, unlike PayPal that has a habit of seizing accounts for little or no reason!

3. After adding one product in one category I made a purchase.
   A. I first tested Stripe in test mode and it acted exactly as it was suppose to! Declined the charge and told me the system was in test mode.
   B. Live mode went just as smoothly, with a seamless transaction via Strips. So much better than that bothersome pop-up window open cart uses with their extension. I'm told that Pavel (AbanteCart user name) wrote that extension. Amazing job my friend ... simply awesome

4. Emails received by the admin and the purchaser were extremely well done. So much better looking than the previous versions. Nice HTML formatting ... very professional

I would put AbateCart up against any other cart out there, even the paid systems for it's professionalism and ease of use.

Hats and Horns to AbanteCart, Basara, eCommerce Core and Abolabo for all their hard work. It's really beginning to pay off and soon AbnateCart will be the one others try to emulate.

Now my work is cut out for me as I begin to add all the products to the store.

Want a peek at it? It's a work in progress as there are hundreds of product to add.

There was a landing page link here, but I've since decided to have traffic go directly to the store at
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