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Unable to change logo

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AbanteCart v1.2.2 - i changed the logo in  settings-> appearance and saved it but log is not changed, it displays image/18/73/3.png


Do you use default template? Also make sure to hint Save button in the bottom of the settings page

Right click the logo and click on Properties. It shows you the path that the script is using to find your logo. Just FTP your new logo to this directory with the same name as the current logo.

i have a tip for all users trying to change things on VS
Go to the web page press F12
change whatever you like using F12 (its temporary change so you can play as much as you want)
if it changed what you wanted go and change it preeminently in VS

Thank you, tamirhosh
Your solution is good for some third party templates which one hardcode logo image.
In the default AbanteCart template you can change logo in Admin. Go to Admin->System->Settings->Appearance then select your current template in the dropdown see


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