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Author Topic: Several Custom AbanteCart Extensions Required - Paid Job  (Read 2590 times)

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Several Custom AbanteCart Extensions Required - Paid Job
« on: March 24, 2018, 02:16:10 AM »
I am seeking at least one person to help me with custom extensions I need for AbanteCart. I have 3 projects right now that I need completed and am sure there will be more. I will apologize upfront for the many colors used in the post but I did it to separate the multiple jobs I have. Pay can be discussed and I pay by the job not the hour. I will add to this post if I think of others. Here's what I need so far:

Custom Shipping Module
We hand deliver orders to customers within a 50 mile radius of our store (usually same or next business day) and I need a shipping module for it. The customer must live within 50 miles of the store's postal code and place a $10.00 minimum order in order for the shipping option to activate. I need something similar to the Weight Based Module. The module must be able to measure the number of miles from the store post code to the customers to see if they qualify for hand delivery. I need to be able to define the distance and rate for distances in the admin area for the module. For example, within 10 miles, charge is $5, within 20 miles charge is $8 and etc. If the customer meet the distance but not order total, I'd like for the module to display a notice to the customer if they order $10, they are eligible for hand delivery of the order. If the customer selects this shipping option, they should be able to pick a date and time for delivery which is sent along with the copy of the order and stored in the database so we know when to deliver.

Allow Customer to Make Offer on Product
I need an extension that will allow a customer to make an offer on a product's price. The customer can select the quantity up to the maximum quantity available and type in the price they want to offer PER item. Once the customer clicks offer, a review screen before the offer is submitted officially will display their quantity, offer per item and total, so if they offer $3.00 per item on 10 of the item, the total would be $30.00. Once the customer clicks Accept or Send Offer, I will receive a notification in the admin panel and an email notifying me of a new offer. OpenCart and Magento both have similar extensions so perhaps if you're good, you could modify one of those. Another thing I'd like to have with this extension but is not an absolute have to have is the customer can make an offer on their entire cart. When they open their cart, they will see a Make Offer on Order button and allow them to make an offer on the entire order. I should receive a copy of the cart along with the original price and offer price.

Price Match Feature
Next I'd like a Price Match feature. I meet and beat competitors prices. Each product should have a button that says Find Lower Price? or something similar and when the customer clicks it, it will allow them to enter the URL for the exact product they found on a different site cheaper. I should receive a notification in the admin area and an email when a price match has been submitted. If the customer did find the product cheaper, I should be able to lower the price JUST FOR THAT CUSTOMER and notify them that they can order the product for X price because their Price Match was accepted.

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Re: Several Custom AbanteCart Extensions Required - Paid Job
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2018, 12:25:41 AM »
I am Abantecart developer and I am very interesting in developing your modules. Here is my modules on Marketplace: Robokassa, Russian Post . If you still have a need to develop this custom module please send me PM or e-mail me.

Thank you!
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