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I want to create an extension for Romanian language.
I'm not a programmer and I need a step-by-step guide.
Can anyone help me?

It is very easy to create new language. And there are 2 ways to do this.

1. You can create new language in admin with basic settings
See this help

Once you do this, you have 2 options
- Automatic Translation: Install google translate extension and translate
all your store to any language you want. This will use google paid service
and will cost few dollars
- Manual Translation: You can copy whole English language to new with "Load
missing (not translated) language data". See link above. You will need to
edit all translations in the admin. Timely process, :(

2. Create language as an extension for your new language. (You can contribute this to
AbanteCart marketplace after you are done)
For this, just download any language extension
Rename some files and all content in XML files to new language.

NOTE: You will need to rename files content carefully not to break XML structure.

Is there any way to create the new language in admin and then export it as extension using Extension Developer Tool?

I've start working on romanian language extension by modifing the italian language pack using Komodo Edit and comparing with english .xml files from version 1.1.5. So far, as I could find out, I'll be the first that use AbanteCart platform in Romania. I think that some extension for local shipment companies and payment integrators would help promote AbanteCart in this country and even in this part of Europe.

Sounds good. Please post if any questions.


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