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After upgrading from version 1.2.16 to 1.3.0 the url of the logo and all links on the storefront and all admin link are messed up and throwing in an extra /.ca/ folder at the end of the domain. Have not been able to locate this in admin settings anywhere as the domain in settings is set correct.

Go to https:// 660racing . ca/ then hover over the logo top left corner and you will notice that it wants to point and go to https:// 660racing . ca/.ca/ when it should be https:// 660racing . ca/ and also on all links throughout website and product listings

The folder /.ca/ doesn't even exist on server

Yet when I click on the storefront link in the admin it points and goes to the correct domain, the only link that appears to be somewhat correct.

Any suggestions for a fix? Please and Thank you...

In my marketplace account it states that I have 8 Abantecart Stores when I really only have one. Seven stores are for version 1.2.15 One store for version 1.2.16 yet I am now upgraded to version 1.3.0 and no store listed for this version. Tried to disconnect admin to the marketplace then reconnect and it did nothing.

Could this be the issue causing the URL issue as the store with version 1.3.0 is not registered in my marketplace account for some reason?

I have attached a screen shot -  and none of my browser have the issue -  FireFox, Chrome or Edge

Try clearing your browser cache:

There are also keyboard shortcuts to perform the equivalent hard refresh. Because there are multiple ways to do the same action, they will be listed below:

Chrome, Firefox, or Edge for Windows: Press Ctrl+F5 (If that doesn’t work, try Shift+F5 or Ctrl+Shift+R).
Chrome or Firefox for Mac: Press Shift+Command+R.
Safari for Mac: There is no simple keyboard shortcut to force a hard refresh. Instead, press Command+Option+E to empty the cache, then hold down Shift and click Reload in the toolbar.
Safari for iPhone and iPad: There is no shortcut to force a cache refresh. You’ll have to dig into settings to erase your browser’s cache.

To solve issue please upgrade app up to latest version 1.3.1

Hello llegrand,

Thank you for your input. Strange the issue is not happening for you. While I did, prior to posting, perform a clearing of my cache many times and also performing a flush dns this didn't work. Having the issue also on my other laptop so can't be just my main laptops cache.


Hello abolabo,

Thank you for your input. I will give this a try very soon.



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