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New Features Discussion / Re: Pl fix the pricing issue ...
« on: January 10, 2016, 06:32:11 AM »
I think all programs/carts, etc have some issues.  That's just to be expected and everyone will make their own call as to what to use, what's worth working around and when it's time to move on.  There were a few "suggestions" and you can choose to take them or move on to something else...but the constant whining gets old and as I've mentioned before, most people here don't care if you leave or you use something else as that's just to be expected.  Just do what's best for your business and I'm sure all the cart developers will spend as much time/money/resources on what's best for their cart, etc...

Someone who is a regular contributor has already posted solutions for you and I don't think the core developer should waste time on a "fix" when one already exists.  It should be called a work around anyways vs a forced fix.

I actually think having an extension which does what you want is actually a win for the extension developer and the core developers since it keeps cost low for people who don't need it (like me), but still supports the people who spend time to fix/solve it.

As for Prestashop, here is a post with tons of various complaints as well after 1 search (I'm sure we all did searches prior to deploying our carts).

These rants are everywhere and over all carts so do your own research and if another product works better, simply move on.

Support / Re: Just wondering what happens
« on: January 03, 2016, 12:12:17 AM »
Just poke around and look at the various tables, match it up, with your data, see what category is what.

I have NOT been managing sql databases much at all and can figure it out so if you have been, it can't be that hard...

Support / Re: Just wondering what happens
« on: January 02, 2016, 12:57:29 PM »
Nothing really happens, the products just stay there, but they don't belong to that category anymore...

Easiest way to do this (change categories from 1 to another) and your other clone category thing in my mind is to do it in the backend database directly...with SQL commands (not recommended however for people who aren't familiar with running database commands).

Not possible without custom coding...

General Support / Re: Cache file and folder permissions and 777
« on: December 30, 2015, 03:44:58 PM »
Hi webdevmerc,

Yes, Shopify is a partner with Facebook, Pinterest and now Twitter, too.  To be clear, it allows a customer to buy your products WITHIN those sites. Not a redirect. It's a convenience to a customer because they don't have to leave those social media sites to buy. Checkout is done within FB/Pinterest/Twitter. I'm curious to try it and see how it works.

As far as getting shutdown like eBay or Amazon, I think the risk is low for my business model since I sell my own unique designs. But I do agree that FB/Pinterest/Twitter mainly want to keep users on those sites, not have them leave. So it benefits them (perhaps) more than me. I understand that. I just want to test those features to see if the added customer convenience leads to greater sales overall, in which case I'd be happy with that kind of trade.

I've said it before: I like AbanteCart a lot. It's got a lot of great features right out of the box. It's been fairly easy to configure, even for a "newbie" like me. I think a lot of the problems I've been having are server (host) related. When I talk to Arvixe support, they are not too helpful in resolving AbanteCart issues. That's very frustrating for me. If I had more web skills and time to spend on configuring & customizing AbanteCart, I'd do it. Maybe when my business gets bigger I can hire a web developer to do all the back-end stuff. Right now, I can't do it with all the other things I need to do to run my business.

I'll do my best to post my experience here. I'll certainly come back to AbanteCart if I hate Shopify.  8)

Thanks again for your input. It's appreciated.

Lastly, I was just wondering what happens if the buyer has a problem?  Does shopify pretty much refund them no questions asked (sorta like Amazon a-to-z guarantee or eBay Buyer protection?).  Technically, I don't think the solution to integrate is hard (they just block it), but it's these problem areas where they want to prevent scammers, but also protect buyers (more so than sellers normally)...where as a store owner, might be a hassle if you lose all control to prevent scammers buying from your site.

Support / Re: How to install Credit Card Payment Gateway
« on: December 29, 2015, 12:30:00 PM »
It will depend on your country and what it supports...but I'd start here:

I personally use Stripe and Paypal Express... (US market).

Support / Re: Fedex Shipping is showing 0$
« on: December 27, 2015, 06:38:53 AM »
You could have also had free shipping for a particular item.  Also, it might help to debug it if you post the URL so someone can reproduce the problem (this is the number 1 way to get help from the others/developers if it's an actual bug/etc...)

General Support / Re: Cache file and folder permissions and 777
« on: December 26, 2015, 01:17:12 AM »
Your post sounds valid to me...I think Facebook and Pinterest must have a partnership or something with Shopify for them to do this since I don't believe it's possible to integrate a "BUY Now" button on Facebook currently (they block all html code I think, if someone knows how, let me know!).

It's also something Facebook has tried to do in the past (shopping/commerce) and I assume, something they will do/get into again in the future meaning if they don't have a partnership with shopify, they will shutdown or close it off IMO.

Having sold on marketplaces before personally to the tune of a few hundred k per year, the downside as you may have read is that you don't have as much control so if someone (eBay etc...) makes a change, your business can be shut down pretty much overnight.  Also, I've noticed when selling this way, people don't really know it's really your store...they think they are buying from, say eBay or Amazon or (I'm totally assuming here, Shopify...especially if they help you collect payment or like you say, have in your domain name).

Maybe it's better if it's "your" Facebook page, but at the end of the day, since you have very limited control, it can get closed/shutdown as well if you sell something someone else is willing to pay Facebook or Pinterest more for (eg: Amazon shutting down sales of google streaming devices) and ultimately, having read a lot of ecommerce articles, I think these other companies are ultimately there to help "them", not you...

I agree that development is a pain and it's a lot more work, but I think all the carts or anything would take some time to get up and running...

All that said, I do wish you the best of luck and if you have time, let us know how the integration deployment goes with shopify/facebook/pinterest since I'd assume a lot of people are in the same boat and would like to have a buy now button on facebook (but just point back to our existing store!).

I don't know if this is related, but you may also check with your hosting provider to see if they have turned on mod_security on your site.  I ran into something similar to this (at least the pink errors ) due to this change and it broke everything all of a sudden for me...

In short, I've noticed with Abantecart, if only you get a new problem, it's probably local to just your environment or the hosting provider messing with their settings...and breaking your stuff (!, yeah, it's frustrating as heck)

Support / Re: Piwik analytics/ JavaScript Tracking Code
« on: December 16, 2015, 08:54:35 AM »
create your own html-block, paste embed-code into it's content and place block into layouts - this one is the best option

thank you!!

I use this method myself since it doesn't change any core files...

Support / Re: Critical error - unable to open website
« on: December 16, 2015, 08:53:27 AM »
Lastly, once you do this once and figure out how most things fit together, any problems popping up will be far far easier to solve since you can recover your site with a simple backup and you know what part needs what.

Key things are your mysql database with the data and the actual individual files within linux...recover both and your site should be back up.

Support / Re: Critical error - unable to open website
« on: December 15, 2015, 02:16:48 PM »
If you've changed anything, the upgrade would lose those changes if you've made any changes to any of the core files...

You need to find and compare all the files in the new release which have changed so if you're familiar with unix and scripting, you can run commands to parse the new files with what you have now.  Going from 1.1.9 to 1.2.5 (IMO) would be a lot of work if you have a lot of changes assuming you'd want to keep them all.  You also have to factor in any extensions you have not supported in 1.2.x.

Another option is to just load the newest version (1.2.5) and migrate your data over which would work.  You'd have to weigh which is easier and how much knowledge you have with the O/S, Abantecart, etc...

As I've mentioned in other posts, I'd suggest setting up a test environment first, then try to upgrade a backup of your existing site first in that test environment....then move forward with your production after backups...

Support / Re: jquery mobile in abantecart
« on: December 11, 2015, 10:45:09 AM »
I have to admit this has been my biggest concern with a lot of the extensions out there.  Lack of support when new a core upgrade hits so if you want the new functionality, it may break your extensions so you have to choose to give up one or the other (usually a major point release however).

Not a fault to the core developers, but just a concerned user and one reason I haven't moved down the extension path much (which would help extend functionality a great deal).

You'd expect some delay with any new release, but Abantecart 1.1.9 came out in May 13th, 2014 so year+ is pretty slow IMO.

My assumption is most/all developers don't have enough buyers of the extension to make it worth their while (and they have a regular full time job as well) making updates hard to do super quick.  I'm sure they do good work and give good support, just random thoughts from a user.

Support / Re: Want to reinstall my abantecart application!
« on: December 09, 2015, 03:11:03 PM »
I'd recommend figuring out what is causing all the problems before going live...You don't want to notify customers that their orders have to be cancelled and if there is an impression that things are broken or not secure on the website, it will be viewed negatively and they may never come back.

Just my opinion at least...

Another option which I did within my site is setup a test or development site in a different directory in a different subdomain and see if you can recreate the problems you are getting now.

It's also very useful to have a test environment in general to work in, which...sounds like a lot of work initially, but you'll be grateful once you have one up.

General Discussion / Re: Import Not Working Completely
« on: November 29, 2015, 09:55:41 PM »
Click on:
Catalog -> Products

On the top area, select disabled from the drop down and Go...see if it's there after that...

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