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Support / Re: Unknown error encountered. Please try again!
« on: September 08, 2017, 07:24:14 AM »
Worked a charm, thank you!

I was being silly - tried replacing ALL the files from the upgrade, never occurred to me to just upload the single file haha...

Thanks again.

Support / Unknown error encountered. Please try again!
« on: September 07, 2017, 04:28:55 PM »
I have seen this error on a couple of threads but nothing listed is working.

When "continue" is clicked (either guest logout or register), the error (screenshot below) shows. This is the error in the logs:

017-09-07 21:26:37 - App Error: AbanteCart core v.1.2.10 Error: Unable to identify file path to template form/form_csrf.tpl! Check blocks in the layout or enable debug mode to get more details. 10002 in /home/****/public_html/core/engine/view.php on line 317

I have tried this fix but it does not work  GIT HUB COM /abantecart/abantecart-src/commit/84b8cbd18c3c5c2440896f2eaa360a84671bc659

Assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Existing features / Free Shipping - apply to only one shipping option?
« on: March 12, 2017, 10:56:39 AM »
Hello, Firstly great opensource product. I'm a long way into setting up my store.

UK store with products shipping only to UK customers using a standard shipping option with ability to use Royal Mail for 1st Class post or Parcelforce 48.
Default flat rate, RoyalMail and Parcelforce shipping modules are enabled.

I want to offer free standard shipping to almost all of my products. My Shipping flat rate is currently set to 0.00
I want the green "Free Shipping" banner to show on the product page for these listings.

When I apply "Free Shipping" tag, it makes ALL shipping options free, including parcel force etc. I want these options available, but at a cost.
I solved this by setting my flat rate to 0.00 but this means the green "Free Shipping" banner does not show on my listings.

I can also apply a "Fixed Shipping Rate" which will apply to all my other shipping options - allowing my customer to choose free standard delivery or fixed price parcelforce 48 - however when i do this the green "free shipping" banner disappears.

I want selecting the free shipping option on the product settings to only apply to my standard shipping option. ParcelForce 48 etc to still cost usual.
OR - If i use the work around of setting default flat rate , I want it to display the green "Free Shipping" banner on the product page.

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